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NIH launches HIV prevention trial of long-acting injectable medication in sexually active women

Study to test efficacy, safety of injectable cabotegravir compared with daily oral PrEP. Read More


Combination HIV prevention reduces new infections by 42 percent in Ugandan district

NIH-supported study provides evidence for implementing approach broadly. Read More


NIH study of WWII evacuees suggests mental illness may be passed to offspring

Population study finds higher risk of psychiatric hospitalization among daughters of female evacuees. Read More


NIH’s All of Us Research Program partners with the National Library of Medicine to reach communities through local libraries

Partnership aims to raise awareness about the program and improve participant access. Read More


NIAID scientists link cases of unexplained anaphylaxis to red meat allergy

Tick bites likely lead to the unusual, misdiagnosed allergy. Read More


NIH scientists and collaborators find infectious prion protein in skin of CJD patients

Prion diseases originate when normally harmless prion protein molecules become abnormal and gather in clusters and filaments in the human body and brain. Read More


Hibernating ground squirrels provide clues to new stroke treatments

Multi-step screening process leads to molecule that may protect brain cells. Read More


National organizations support outreach efforts for NIH’s All of Us Research Program

Groups will help raise awareness about the initiative to engage 1 million or more volunteers in health research. Read More


Separating side effects could hold key for safer opioids

NIH-funded scientists may have revealed brain functions in pre-clinical research that widen the safety margin for opioid pain relief without overdose. Read More


Air pollution exposure in early pregnancy linked to miscarriage, NIH study suggests

Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen that is a primary constituent of urban smog. Read More