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Opioid treatment drugs have similar outcomes once patients initiate treatment

NIDA study compares buprenorphine/naloxone combination to extended release naltrexone. Read More


Three decades of responding to infectious disease outbreaks

NIAID director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., highlights lessons from AIDS to Zika. Read More


Data from landmark NIH blood pressure study supports important part of new AHA/ACC hypertension guidelines

The new high blood pressure guidelines illustrate the utility and impact of NHLBI scientific studies. Read More


Obesity during pregnancy may lead directly to fetal overgrowth, NIH study suggests

Results underscore the importance of attaining a healthy body weight before pregnancy. Read More


Mirror image: Researchers create higher-quality pictures of biospecimens

NIH scientists improve efficiency, speed, and resolution of optical microscopy. Read More


NIH study finds donor corneas can be safely preserved for longer period

Corneal transplantation success unaffected for donor corneas preserved for 11 days, expanding pool of available tissue. Read More


Cellphone-based microscope leads to possible strategy for treating river blindness

More than 16,000 volunteers provided finger-prick blood samples for the study. Read More


Higher brain glucose levels may mean more severe Alzheimer’s

NIH study shows connections between glucose metabolism, Alzheimer’s pathology, symptoms. Read More


NIH awards to test ways to store, access, share, and compute on biomedical data in the cloud

NIH Data Commons Pilot Phase to seek best practices for developing and managing a data commons. Read More


Brain’s alertness circuitry conserved through evolution

Molecular method reveals neuronal basis of brain states – NIH-funded animal study. Read More