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NEI researchers link age-related DNA modifications to susceptibility to eye disease

Findings point to targeting epigenome as a potential therapeutic strategy. Read More


Infant temperament predicts personality more than 20 years later

Behavioral inhibition in infancy associated with introversion and internalizing psychopathology in adulthood. Read More


Antiviral remdesivir prevents disease progression in monkeys with COVID-19

Study supports clinical testing under way across U.S. Read More


Investigational chimp adenovirus MERS-CoV vaccine protects monkeys

Vaccine neutralizes multiple MERS-CoV strains. Read More


NIH to launch public-private partnership to speed COVID-19 vaccine and treatment options

Health agencies, leading pharmaceutical companies to join forces to accelerate pandemic response. Read More


NIH study validates decontamination methods for re-use of N95 respirators

Three methods effectively sanitized masks for limited re-use. Read More


Researchers restore sight in mice by turning skin cells into light-sensing eye cells

NIH-funded study offers new path to modeling eye disease, advancing therapies Read More


Landmark study of adolescent brain development renews for additional seven years

NIH-supported, multi-institute research program will generate robust data about how young brains mature. Read More


Diet may help preserve cognitive function

Adherence to a diet high in vegetables, whole grains, fish, and olive oil correlates with higher cognitive function. Read More


NIH BRAIN Initiative tool helps researchers watch neural activity in 3D

Scientists find responses to mixed odors are more complex than previously thought. Read More