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NIH clinical trial of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 begins

Study enrolling hospitalized adults with COVID-19 in Nebraska. Read More


NIH-funded effort may help people with intellectual disability participate in clinical studies

Researchers adapt cognitive assessment for people with intellectual disability. Read More


Maternal obesity linked to ADHD and behavioral problems in children, NIH study suggests

Women who were obese before pregnancy were approximately twice as likely to report that their child had ADHD or symptoms of hyperactivity. Read More


NIH study supports new approach for treating cerebral malaria

Findings suggest drugs targeting immune cells may help treat deadly disease mainly affecting children. Read More


NIH-funded study links natural sugars in breastmilk to early childhood height and weight

The study also suggested that maternal obesity may affect sugar composition in breastmilk. Read More


Breastfeeding may reduce type 2 diabetes risk among women with gestational diabetes, NIH study suggests

The researchers analyzed data from a long-term study of risk factors for chronic diseases in women. Read More


Study shows how a tiny and strange marine animal produces unlimited eggs and sperm over its lifetime

NIH-supported research of Hydractinia could provide clues to human reproductive conditions. Read More


Remdesivir prevents MERS coronavirus disease in monkeys

Results support testing antiviral against 2019 novel coronavirus. Read More


Genetic profile may predict chance of type 2 diabetes among women with gestational diabetes

Researchers followed women before, during and after pregnancy and captured data on their health later in life. Read More


Recent advances in addressing tuberculosis give hope for future

NIH officials describe “banner year”. Read More