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The Emergency


The most important allergic emergency is Anaphylaxis. This may happen if your child has a food to which he/she is allergic. This is usually taken by mistake. In this case its most important to us the Epinephrine Pen.

It’s the only emergency medicine that is known to save lives if used in the early stage of anaphylaxis. The parent, school nurse, and the older child, should have the Epinephrine pen available to use and know when to use it. If used, you should always arrive to the hospital for further treatment and monitoring.

Asthma attacks can be severe, causing distress and drop in oxygen level. In this case the child should be seen by a doctor and more effective therapy used.

There are many emergency situations in children. In general, it is imperative to note that fever in the very young child requires special attention. A high fever in a baby under the age of two months is considered an emergency.