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News & Articles


New imaging technique overturns longstanding textbook model of DNA folding

NIH-funded study results suggest more complex gene interactions and regulation. Read More


Immune system may mount an attack in Parkinson’s disease

NIH-funded study suggests role for specific immune cells in brain disease. Read More


Researchers unlock regenerative potential of cells in the mouse retina

NEI-funded researchers use a clue from zebrafish to discover the cues that reprogram Müller glia into retinal neurons. Read More


Discovery documentary First in Human gives an up-close look at how advances in medicine are made at the NIH Clinical Center

Three-part series airing in August portrays the hopes and setbacks of patients, doctors, and nurses seeking cures. Read More


“Residual echo” of ancient humans in scans may hold clues to mental disorders

Scans suggests that genetic variation may affect the way our brains work today. Read More


NIH to hold summit on caregiving

Keynote by Judy Woodruff, PBS NewsHour anchor and managing editor. Read More


Waterlogged brain region helps scientists gauge damage caused by Parkinson’s disease

NIH-funded research could aid drug development for the condition. Read More


The All of Us Research Program announces first community partner awards

Four organizations to support engagement of diverse communities in ambitious research effort. Read More


In adolescents, oral Truvada and vaginal ring for HIV prevention are safe, acceptable

NIH-funded clinical trials are first of their kind to include younger adolescent girls. Read More


Child living with HIV maintains remission without drugs since 2008

Child treated in infancy as part of NIH-funded study. Read More