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NIH selects Dr. Michael Chiang as director of the National Eye Institute

is expected to begin his new role in late 2020. Read More


Dual role discovered for molecule involved in autoimmune eye disease

IL-17, known for driving inflammation, also puts on the brakes, NIH scientists report Read More


Kidney transplantation between people with HIV is safe, NIH study finds

Multicenter HOPE Act study expands pool of available kidneys Read More


NIH leadership details unprecedented initiative to ramp up testing technologies for COVID-19

RADx efforts seek to create capacity for 6 million daily tests by the end of 2020, address underserved populations. Read More


NIH study shows highly reproducible sex differences in aspects of human brain anatomy

Gene expression data suggest potential role of sex chromosomes. Read More


Experimental COVID-19 vaccine safe, generates immune response

NIH-sponsored Phase 1 trial tested mRNA vaccine Read More


NIH researchers generate complete human X chromosome sequence

The accomplishment opens a new era in genomics research. Read More


Placenta lacks major molecules used by SARS-CoV-2 virus to cause infection

NIH study may help explain why the virus has rarely been found in fetuses or newborns of women with COVID-19. Read More


Turning off “junk DNA” may free stem cells to become neurons

NIH preclinical study supports role for ancient retroviral genes in brain development and neurological disorders. Read More


A call for stimulating diversity in brain research

Editorial outlines efforts at NIH to promote diverse workforce in neuroscience. Read More