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News & Articles


NIH achieves milestone to accelerate multisite clinical studies

CTSA Program paves way for nationwide single IRB model. Read More


Scientists discover urinary biomarker that may help track ALS

NIH-funded study suggests opportunity to find insights to neurological disease. Read More


NIH-funded scientists deploy CRISPR to preserve photoreceptors in mice

Gene-editing tool rescues photoreceptors from a variety of mutations. Read More


Common tests for preterm birth not useful for routine screening of first-time pregnancies

Tests for short cervix, fetal fibronectin identify only a small number of cases, NIH study suggests. Read More


Integrative health care and U.S. military personnel, veterans, and their families

NCCIH’s 2017 spring event schedule. Read More


Study identifies African-specific genomic variant associated with obesity

Findings highlight the importance of genomic studies in diverse populations. Read More


NIH-funded study helps explain how zebrafish recover from blinding injuries

Decrease in neurotransmitter GABA triggers stem cell production in the retina. Read More


This World Kidney Day, pledge to maintain a healthy weight

NIH statement from Dr. Griffin P. Rodgers, Director, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Read More


No benefit in treating mildly low thyroid function in pregnancy, NIH network study finds

Long-term study has found no differences in cognitive functioning among children born to mothers with subclinical hypothyroidism. Read More


Study finds effective interventions to prevent alcohol use among American Indian and rural youth

Rural youths, including those who are a racial minority relative to their community, are at increased risk for alcohol misuse. Read More

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