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NIH expands research to improve COVID-19 testing among underserved and vulnerable populations

Research designed to rapidly implement testing strategies in populations disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Read More


Study of “exceptional responders” yields clues to cancer and potential treatments

Majority of patients in the study had metastatic cancers that are typically difficult to treat. Read More


New NIH BRAIN Initiative awards move toward solving brain disorders

Researchers using recently developed tools to gain new insights into brain function. Read More


NIH to fund research of racial disparities in pregnancy-related complications and deaths

Studies to focus on women from racial and ethnic minority groups, women with underprivileged socioeconomic status, and those living in underserved rural settings. Read More


Envision color: Activity patterns in the brain are specific to the color you see

NIH research findings reveal new aspects of visual processing. Read More


Promising Interim Results from Clinical Trial of NIH-Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

An interim review of trial data suggests that the vaccine is safe and effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 in adults. Read More


Cardiac arrest treatment that uses life support machine boosts survival

ARREST trial found use of ECMO was highly effective. Read More


Treatments for people with early COVID-19 infection is an urgent research focus

Effective, early interventions would benefit individual patients and healthcare system. Read More


NIH study finds long-acting injectable drug prevents HIV acquisition in cisgender women

Long-acting regimen more effective than daily oral pill among African women. Read More


Hydroxychloroquine does not benefit adults hospitalized with COVID-19

The trial began after lab studies and preliminary reports suggested that hydroxychloroquine might have promise in treating SARS-CoV-2. Read More