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Complexity of human tooth enamel revealed at atomic level in NIH-funded study

Unprecedented details of enamel structure may point to new ways to prevent or halt cavities. Read More


NIH study shows genomic variation causing common autoinflammatory disease may increase resilience to bubonic plague

Genomic variants that cause common periodic fever have spread in Mediterranean populations over centuries, potentially protecting people from the plague. Read More


Faster processing makes cutting-edge fluorescence microscopy more accessible

NIH researchers put complex, high-resolution data within reach for many more scientists. Read More


NIH study finds out why some words may be more memorable than others

Results suggest our brains use internet search engine strategies to remember words and memories of past experiences. Read More


AI dual-stain approach improved accuracy, efficiency of cervical cancer screening in NIH study

Fully automated approach to cervical cancer screening as a follow-up to a positive HPV test outperformed the standard method. Read More


NIH-funded study to recruit thousands of participants to reveal exercise impact at the molecular level

In the largest exercise research program of its kind, researchers are poised to turn data into comprehensive maps of the molecular changes in the body. Read More


Genetic analysis suggests distinct subtypes of polycystic ovary syndrome

Results from NIH-funded study could lead to improvements in diagnosis and treatment. Read More


NIH investigators hope CD47 study leads to broad-spectrum infectious diseases immunotherapy

Finding provides a potential target for an immunotherapy that might be applied to a wide range of infectious diseases. Read More


Experts identify steps to expand and improve antibody tests in COVID-19 response

NIH workshop attendees review capabilities, limits of SARS-CoV-2 serology testing. Read More


NIH halts clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine

Study shows treatment does no harm, but provides no benefit Read More