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Researchers discover mitochondrial “circuit breaker” that protects heart from damage

Two newly identified mechanisms may lead to better understanding of disease, new treatments. Read More


Rates of new diagnosed cases of type 1 and type 2 diabetes on the rise among children, teens

Fastest rise seen among racial/ethnic minority groups. Read More


NIH scientists advance understanding of herpesvirus infection

Protein complexes identified that control infection and reactivation. Read More


Gene silencing shows promise for treating two fatal neurological disorders

NIH-funded preclinical studies suggest designer drug may treat ALS and spinocerebellar ataxia 2. Read More


NIH study of Ebola patient traces disease progression and recovery

The patient was at the NIH Clinical Center for 26 days. Read More


NIH researchers trace origin of blood-brain barrier ‘sentry cells’

Finding in zebrafish may contribute to understanding cognitive decline of aging. Read More


Study finds genetic basis for drug response in childhood absence epilepsy

NIH-funded research suggests genes may help determine optimal treatments. Read More


NHLBI stem cell consortium provides new insights into genetics of heart disease, other conditions

Largest, most diverse collection of stem cells of its kind could lead to improved diagnoses, treatments. Read More


Higher death rate among youth with first episode psychosis

NIH-funded study highlights need for increased early intervention programs. Read More


Monoclonal antibody cures Marburg infection in monkeys

NIH-funded groups preparing for next filovirus outbreak. Read More