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News & Articles


Experimental Zika virus vaccines restrict in utero virus transmission in mice

Vaccines protect against Zika-related congenital damage. Read More


Scientists replay movie encoded in DNA

“Molecular Recorder” would reveal secrets of brain development. Read More


Children’s visual engagement is heritable and altered in autism

Attention to mouth and eyes is influenced by genetic factors, suggests NIH-funded study Read More


HIV hijacks surface molecule to invade cell

NIH discovery could lead to new drugs to prevent HIV infection. Read More


Eye microbiome trains immune cells to fend off pathogens in mice

NIH study shows microbe living on the surface of the eye protects cornea from infection. Read More


Malaria drug protects fetal mice from Zika virus, NIH-funded study finds

Blocking a key placental defense may limit maternal-fetal transmission of the virus. Read More


NIH-funded team uses smartphone data in global study of physical activity

Large-scale study reveals targets for obesity prevention, wisdom of walkable communities. Read More


NIH launches prospective study of Zika and HIV co-infection during pregnancy

Study to determine potential risks that infection with Zika may pose for pregnancies in which the mother is also has HIV. Read More


NIH and collaborators identify the genomic cause for Carey-Fineman-Ziter syndrome

Rare disease research uncovers new mechanism underlying muscle development. Read More


Blood of SIDS infants contains high levels of serotonin

Findings from NIH-funded study could provide basis for forensic SIDS test. Read More