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Pregnancy diet high in refined grains could increase child obesity risk by age 7, NIH study suggests

The researchers compared records from 918 mother-child pairs. Read More


Neuroimaging technique may help predict autism among high-risk infants

Brain patterns precede behavioral symptoms of autism, NIH-funded study suggest. Read More


Drinking diet beverages during pregnancy linked to child obesity, NIH study suggests

Childhood obesity is known to increase the risk for certain health problems later in life, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers. Read More


NIAID-Sponsored Trial of Experimental Chikungunya Vaccine Begins

A clinical trial is now enrolling healthy adult volunteers at three sites in the United States. Read More


Details of Lassa virus structure could inform development of vaccines, therapies

Lassa virus can cause a hemorrhagic disease called Lassa fever and is endemic to western Africa. Read More


NIH scientists try to crack the brain’s memory codes

Studies of epilepsy patients uncover clues to how the brain remembers. Read More


Baby teeth link autism and heavy metals, NIH study suggests

Scientists used lasers to map the growth rings in baby teeth generated during different developmental periods. Read More


NIH researchers find potential genetic cause of Cushing syndrome

Finding may lead to therapies that prevent pituitary tumor recurrence. Read More


Mycobacteria use protein to create diverse populations, avoid drugs

NIH-funded research could aid fight against tuberculosis. Read More


NIH Scientists Find Real-Time Imaging in Mice a Promising Influenza Study Tool

A non-invasive method to track and monitor viruses, bacteria, and various types of cells and genes. Read More

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