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News & Articles


NCI launches study of African-American cancer survivors

Study will focus on lung, breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers. Read More


NIH consortium takes aim at vascular disease-linked cognitive impairment and dementia

MarkVCID brings team science approach to small vessel disease biomarkers in the brain. Read More


Rare Disease Day at NIH event features advances in rare diseases research

Rare diseases affect an estimated 25 million Americans. Read More


Respiratory syncytial virus vaccine enters clinical testing

NIH-led trial to evaluate RSV vaccine’s safety in healthy adults. Read More


NIH-supported trials of testosterone therapy in older men report mixed results

Hormone treatment improved bone strength and hemoglobin levels; may increase cardiovascular risk; had no effect on cognition. Read More


Experimental PfSPZ malaria vaccine provides durable protection against multiple strains in NIH clinical trial

Earlier research found the vaccine to be safe, well-tolerated and protective for more than a year Read More


NIH begins study of vaccine to protect against mosquito-borne diseases

Experimental vaccine targets mosquito saliva. Read More


Investigational PfSPZ malaria vaccine demonstrates considerable protection in Malian adults for duration of malaria season

In 2015, 212 million cases of malaria occurred worldwide, and 429,000 people with malaria died. Read More


Survival rate may be improving for extremely preterm infants

NIH-funded study also observes less neurological impairment among surviving infants. Read More


International study suggests Nodding syndrome caused by response to parasitic protein

NIH-funded study also identifies potential new mechanism for some forms of epilepsy. Read More