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News & Articles


NIDA announces recipients of 2017 Avant-Garde Awards for HIV/AIDS research

NIH awards highlight novel approaches to HIV prevention and treatment. Read More


International scientific teams find potential approach against parasites

Scientists sorted through more than 1 trillion small protein fragments to uncover potential treatment targets. Read More


Annual Report to the Nation: Cancer Death Rates Continue to Decline

Special section on survival finds significant improvement for all but two cancer sites. Read More


Phase 2 Zika vaccine trial begins in U.S., Central and South America

Study will evaluate NIH’s experimental DNA vaccine. Read More


NIH designates $42.7 million for food allergy research consortium

Consortium will continue seeking food allergy treatment strategies over next seven years. Read More


Antimicrobial Resistance Diagnostic Challenge selects 10 semifinalists in first phase of competition

Each will receive $50,000 to develop prototypes of diagnostics to improve detection of drug resistant bacteria. Read More


NIH Statement on World Tuberculosis Day

TB is the world’s leading cause of death from an infectious disease, especially among women and children. Read More


NIH achieves milestone to accelerate multisite clinical studies

CTSA Program paves way for nationwide single IRB model. Read More


Scientists discover urinary biomarker that may help track ALS

NIH-funded study suggests opportunity to find insights to neurological disease. Read More


NIH-funded scientists deploy CRISPR to preserve photoreceptors in mice

Gene-editing tool rescues photoreceptors from a variety of mutations. Read More