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NIH clinical trial to test antibodies and other experimental therapeutics for mild and moderate COVID-19

Initial trial to determine if monoclonal antibodies can shorten severity of COVID-19 in outpatients. Read More


NIH delivering new COVID-19 testing technologies to meet U.S. demand

Range of new technologies will meet testing needs in diverse settings. Read More


NIH researchers discover new set of channels connecting malaria parasite and blood cells

Discovery provides new target for anti-malaria treatments. Read More


NIH-funded project creates an encyclopedia detailing the inner workings of the human and mouse genomes

ENCODE Project's third phase offers new insights into the organization and regulation of our genes and genome. Read More


Experimental COVID-19 vaccine protects upper and lower airways in nonhuman primates

NIH-led study of mRNA vaccine supports advance to Phase 3 human trials. Read More


Fewer hip fractures may be associated with reductions in smoking, heavy drinking

Scientists analyzed 40 years of data from the Framingham Heart Study. Read More


NIH to invest $58M to catalyze data science and health research innovation in Africa

The new five-year program will leverage existing data and technologies to develop solutions for the continent’s most pressing clinical and public health problems. Read More


Phase 3 clinical trial of investigational vaccine for COVID-19 begins

Multi-site trial to test candidate developed by Moderna and NIH. Read More


First-ever research network tackles diabetic foot complications

Foot ulcers are the leading cause of lower limb amputations in the United States. Read More


Vaginal ring for HIV prevention receives positive opinion from European regulator

NIAID celebrates pivotal step toward expanding HIV prevention choices for women. Read More